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car hacking
car hacking

Car hacking is the practice of modifying a vehicle's electronic systems and car control software within the car's operating system to allow unauthorized access.


car hacking


car hacking (1)
satellite penetration testing

Satellite Penetration Testing will show you how to develop a keen understanding of the risks, vulnerabilities and best practices relating to penetration testing.


Drone hacking 

drone hacking
Drone hacking course

Drone Hacking Course is designed to teach you fundamental skills that help you gain full control of the drone system, and to maximize your hacked drone's capabilities.


Digital forensics

digital forensics
Digital forensics course

This course teaches you how to investigate the digital world. It covers forensic techniques, digital evidence and digital forensics tools....


mobile interception

mobile network interception2
mobile network interception course

Interception of mobile phone calls used to be a simple radio-scanning exercise back in the era of the initial analog systems. Digital systems such as GSM proved to be a lot more secure....

Hosting and Domain Trading
Hosting and Domain Trading Course

If you are getting frustrated with your hosting business and domain name trading, then this course is for you! Learn all there is to know about hosting and domain name trading....


SDR and war
SDR and War Course

In this course, we will explain the introduction and development of SDRs in military applications. In addition to discussing some of the military applications


SDR and War

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