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Question and Answer

Question and Answer

1- Am I supposed to study something before applying for a course?

Answer: The applicant must have studied the GSM + LTE + 5G + RF course and the Linux command line.

2- What are the prices of your courses?

Answer: The prices of the courses are determined according to the number of courses that the trainee will attend, for example, will he buy a course, 2, or three, or will he attend all the courses. For example;

 _ According to his internet speed, if he attends the entire course in the practical and theoretical sections, then he must have a good internet;

_ It is determined by the number of applicants, whether they are a group, for example, a company that trains its employees, or a single person

3- What language will the courses be taught in?

Answer: German, Turkish, Arabic and English are the only languages ​​we have available

4- What are the steps to get the course that I do?

1- Pass a quick exam to know your experience in dealing with the GNU Linux system and the basics of communications and RF

2- After determining your level, your rejection or acceptance will be determined. If you are accepted, you will be provided with a form to fill out an online form with your information and the company’s information if you represent it.

3- After filling out the form, you will then receive a message with details of the content that will be taught to you and what you need to attend the course and you are 100% 100% sure that you will understand it. Therefore, we ask for sufficient information so that we can help you in providing what suits you and helps you in your study path;  We may add more lessons for you

4- If you like the price set, you can start studying

5- What payment methods are available to you:

Answer: We have bank accounts in the name of the company within the United States of America, Turkey, Spain and London. We do not deal in cryptocurrencies

6- What if I do not like the course and I want to get my money back from you?

Answer: You will not pay any money until you have watched a group of lessons and are convinced that the explanation suits you and that you clearly understand all the information you receive. If you do not like it, you can not pay

7- What do I need to bring?

Answer: You must have a machine with Ubuntu desktop 22.4 installed as a base system, not a virtual one, in addition to 8 GB of RAM and 160 GB of free disk space, in short, a computer with medium specifications.

8- Is there an exam at the end of the course?

Answer: There is an exam after each video that will be watched with 10 questions that you must solve 9 of them before moving on to the next lesson and at the end of the course another exam

9- Are there any papers required of me or official documents?

Answer: You must provide true and very accurate information to help you obtain an Ethical Practice License later when we apply on your behalf to the US Federal Communications Commission

Secondly, we, as a company, require a government document translated into English that proves that you have not been subjected to previous criminal penalties, specifically information security crimes.

10- Is your content available to all countries?

Answer: Yes, it is available to all nationalities, except for those who hold a passport of the occupation gang

11- Are there discounts or discount vouchers?

Yes, we can offer the theoretical course at a discount of 100% 100% to whomever we think deserves the discount

We do not have middle matters in a more correct sense

Either take it for free or pay the full price because we have determined the price based on the effort that was made in the course

12- Are there books that the student will buy?

Answer: No, we will provide him with what he needs for free

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