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Hosting and Domain Trading Course
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Hosting and Domain Trading Course

Hosting and Domain Trading Course

Course content

1- Introduction to servers and their types

2- Install a practical application on the Centos server

3_ Install a working application on the Ubuntu server

for comparison

4- The most important terminal commands in dealing with servers

5- Explanation of some of the most important and most famous ports and the crisis for the LC Panel

Explanation of DNS records

6- Installing the cPanel hosting management panel and licensing it from an external source and official sources

7- The main settings in the cPanel and adjust and solve any problems that appear as usual

8- Create C panel accounts and adjust settings

9- Connect a domain, install an SSL certificate, and configure the site

10-Explanation of the hosting components and the characteristics of the hosting panel

11- Create a site, scan the site, detect and patch gaps

12- Configure the security settings of the server, install and activate the firewall

13-Clean the hack and expel the hacker and the scenario that happens with hosting companies

14- Secure servers from hacking and scenarios to regain control of the hacked server

15-Legal action with people attacking your site and constantly monitoring your sites

16- Install and license Whcms

17_ Adjust the crisis settings

18-Link 2 domain providers

19- Create price plans

20-Format Front End

21-Services that help in marketing your project

22-Free and low-cost alternative to paid and high-priced services

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